Deep Home Cleaning

deep one off cleaning

When you order a home cleaning from Mr Clean, we will clean each and every corner of your place. Cleanliness is an essential factor in daily comfort and the convenience of your home. And what better way to ensure the desired level of hygiene in your home with the annual deep cleaning of your house or apartment? Our sanitation specialists will get even to the hard-to-reach spots of your home!

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Deep Cleaning of Houses and Apartments in Sofia

The annual spring cleaning of your home with Mr Clean guarantees you the uncompromising handling of dust and dirt that has accumulated over the past year. Even regular cleaning of your place cannot provide the results that we achieve with our professional deep home cleaning service. Our experts thoroughly clean, dust and wash your entire house from the ceiling to the floor!

Kitchen Cleaning

A kitchen is a sacred place in any home. It is the place where the whole family prepares and cooks food – meals that give strength and energy throughout the day. That is why every kitchen should always be kept clean and hygienic. In our spring home cleaning service, we pay special attention to the completion of the following chores in the food preparation area:

  • Cleaning the kitchen sink
  • Deep oven cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning of the fridge
  • Cleaning of all household appliances (microwave, dishwasher, toaster, etc.)
  • Washing dishes, cutlery and pots
  • Cleaning of all chandeliers and light fixtures
  • Cleaning of ceramic hob and extractor hood
  • Cleaning of kitchenettes
  • Cleaning and deodorising trash bins

Cleaning of Bathrooms

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is sometimes the first place one visits when one wakes up and the last one before going to bed. In the bathroom, we bathe, brush our teeth and take care of our health and beauty regimen in general. Therefore, the bathroom in your home should be spotlessly clean. We at Mr Clean will make sure to leave the area impeccably clean. We will:

  • We clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, baths
  • Wash and polish mirrors
  • Clean the faience or terracotta tiles
  • Also, we won’t forget to clean the tiles grout, radiators, and pipes   

After Builders Cleaning

Every home needs maintenance. As time goes by, furniture fades, the colour of the walls darkens, and the window frames wear out. The natural step is doing a major or refreshing renovation. And every seasoned homeowner knows how building and revamping projects affect home cleanliness. There are pieces of concrete on the floor, paint on the windows, and dust all around the house are just a number of things left post after a renovation. So before you enjoy the result of your efforts, you must go through (dirty) hell! We at Mr Clean will help you to turn your home into a paradise after a major renovation in no time!

The Benefits of Hiring Mr Clean for Deep Cleaning of Your Home

Your home will always shine. We at Mr Clean use the most advanced equipment and environmentally friendly products to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. But the most important thing we are proud of is the high quality of cleaning services we offer. The customer is always first, and we strive to bring you a cleaner home. A place where you and your family can enjoy peace and cosiness.

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  • Window cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Office cleaning

Frequintly Asked Questions

The need to make an inspection is so that you can determine exactly what he wants to be done by us. As well as our representative to be able to take accurate parameters and provide a correct offer.

Depends on the size of the premise and degree of soiling. Usually when the main cleaning of the apartment is done, in most cases it takes one working day, the colleagues start their work at 09: 00-09: 30.

Each of our clients decides whether they want to be present during the cleaning. We only want to have a person who will give us access at the beginning of the site and be present at the end of the service.

If you want to pay in cash, you can do it after our employees are ready with cleaning the premises, you have inspected their work and you are satisfied with the results. Once paid, they will give you a receipt or invoice with a receipt. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, a one-time cleaning agreement is signed, after you accept the service without any remarks, a bilateral protocol is signed, on the basis of which an invoice is issued and you can make a payment on it.

How to contact us

You can call us at any time at 0876 690 044 to make a booking or get more information on our cleaning services in Sofia. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and expectations for the spring cleaning of your home. With our completely free consultation, you will see yourself that you won’t find better quality and more affordable prices for deep home cleaning in Sofia.

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