Car Upholstery Cleaning

If we have to be honest with ourselves, washing the car seats is our last concern when it comes to maintaining our vehicles. We change the oil, brake pads, filters, but we don’t even think about cleaning the car upholstery. Many of us spend a big part of our day in our vehicle. While in the car, we eat, drink coffee, sodas and juices, but instead of washing them properly we just dust off the seats and the mats from time to time. We understand that life today is busy, and you don’t always have the time to deal with everything. That is Mr Clean is providing a quality car upholstery washing for your convenience.

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How Do We Clean Car Upholstery?

car upholstery cleaning
  1. Step one – Inspect the interior of the car to check for stains or heavily soiled spots so that it can be sprayed with the appropriate detergent depending on the stain. 
  2. Step two – the stain or the soiled area is treated with a soft bristle brush and the product is allowed to do its job.
  3. Step three – this is the moment when the actual washing of the car’s upholstery starts. This procedure is better known as spray extraction. This method of washing is superior to others because of its efficiency. A detergent is sprayed onto the car seats under high pressure. At the same time, the machine is extracting the decomposed dirt that was settled in the upholstery.
  4. Step four – after the team of professionals have finished washing the car’s upholstery, they clean the car’s dashboard with a specialised detergent.
  5. Step five – perfuming the car with the scent of your choice!

Why Choose Car Upholstery Washing by Mr Clean?

Choosing Mr Clean gives you more than a quality car upholstery cleaning! With us, you save time and money. Time, because our professionals will come at a convenient day and time for you to deliver the service at the address specified by you. This way, your car seats will be cleaned while you are at work, at home or enjoying an afternoon coffee with a friend. Money, because we offer you a price that few other companies can match!

After washing the car upholstery, it remains slightly damp. It takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to dry completely depending on how dirty the seats were and also on weather conditions.

Frequintly Asked Questions

Depending on the degree of soiling, washing the car takes between 40-1.30 minutes

With our car seat cleaning service, the seats, armrests, headrests, carpet in the cabin and trunk, as well as the upholstered part of the doors are cleaned. We also polish the dashboard and plastic parts in the car. We can wash the roof of your car, but it must be looked at by our representative to make sure that it will not come off. Cleaning the ceiling is calculated additionally.

You can call: 0876690044 to get information about the first free hour with us and convenient for you. If you need additional information, our telephone agents are always available. If you wish, you can save your time by mail, Viber, as well as on Facebook.

Of course, the only thing we will need is to have hot water and access to electricity as we have an extension cord for about 50-60 meters. The price will not change.

Wash Your Car Upholstery Today with Mr Clean

Contact us at 0876 690 044 to book a professional seat washing for your car. Tell us what service you need for your vehicle (refreshing the whole upholstery, stain treatment, etc.), size and the degree of the soiling. We will give you a free quote over the phone. Mr Clean’s experts will make sure to bring back the comfort and beautiful look of your car so you can enjoy your travels!

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