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When you need a professional carpet cleaner in Sofia, contact Mr Clean. That is the only way to ensure that you get the best service at affordable prices in town. Greasy stains, dust, or deeply settled dirt don’t stand a chance when Mr Clean takes on the carpet cleaning in your home.    

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You can get a free quote for cleaning the carpets in your home right now – call 0876 690 044. Competitive prices!

Mr Clean is your first and last resort when you need perfectly cleaned home rugs and carpets in Sofia at reasonable prices. We are sure of the utmost success of any job we take on. Our satisfied clients throughout the city are a testimony for the efficiency of our methods. Contact us for cleaning any textile flooring. Carpet, rug or mat, if it is in your home, we will wash it!

Clean and Nice Looking Carpet in 7 Steps

Our professional team follows a tried and effective process for washing the rugs in your place. The method we use allows us to clean carpets all year-round. Why should you wait for the summer to clean your home?

  • We are always on time and come equipped with the necessary machinery and eco cleaners.
  • Then our technicians will inspect the flooring and determine the degree of contamination and stubborn stains.
  • The carpet is pre-vacuumed to collect larger dirt particles and accumulated dust.
  • That is followed by a treatment of heavily soiled areas and stains with suitable cleaning products.
  • Depending on the degree of contamination and the material of the carpet fibres, we use different cleaners.
  • The actual washing of the carpet begins after the detergents have had time to act. Our team uses the best equipment and most advanced products to extract the dirt settled deep in the flooring.
  • Before we leave, you will be able to see the achieved results and give us your feedback. We have no doubt that you will be satisfied with our work!

5 Reasons to Call Us Today

If you wonder what makes us different from other carpet cleaning companies in Sofia, you can read these 5 advantages of hiring Mr Clean below. And after we wash the carpet in your home, we are sure we will give you one more reason to book more home cleaning services with us!

  • Your carpets will be handled by experienced and reliable cleaners, proven professionals in the field of home cleaning.
  • We use the most advanced carpet cleaning techniques.
  • Your health is important to us. That is why our team uses eco-friendly products that are safe for you and your family.
  • You can count on us for cleaning at any time! 
  • You will get the carpet cleaning service you’ve paid for. With us, there are no tricks or surcharges!

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Frequintly Asked Questions

With normal soling drying takes about 3-4 hours. With heavier soiling drying takes about 5-6 hours. Only with natural wool carpets, the drying process takes longer, as the material itself retains moisture for longer.

The textile remains slightly damp on the top layer. All you need to do is open an external window or door so that air can circulate and no electric heaters can be let in directly.

There is no danger of damaging the flooring in your home when cleaning your home carpets. No matter if it is natural parquet, laminate, tiles or granite. In cases where the floor covering gets wet, the colleagues immediately clean and dry it.

The carpets in the professional cleaning company “Mr. Clean” are cleaned only on the spot. Cleaning of the soft floor coverings is done with a single-disc rotor machine, in which detergent and water are dissolved and the washing shampoo is rubbed in with a soft brush. A vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dirt off the carpet. If there are stains on the carpet, they are additionally treated with detergent and a soft brush made of natural hair.

How to Contact Mr Clean

Contacting us is quick and easy! Call us at 0876 690 044 and get a free consultation by phone. Tell us the problem, and we’ll find a clean solution for it right now!

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