Upholstery Cleaning

Most likely, you enjoy sitting on the couch in the living room after a long day at work and with a drink in your hand while watching the news, interesting series, or just talking to your partner. But did you know that the daily use of home furniture leads to a constant accumulation of dirt and dust deep into the fabric? How to handle this problem? By booking a professional upholstery cleaning by Mr Clean, of course!

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upholstery cleaning

Upholstered furniture gives a nice and cosy appearance of your place. The layout, colour and shape of the armchairs, the stools and the sofa are the hallmarks of your home. They can even be compared to your fingerprints – they are unique! Make sure that such an essential part of your home is always clean, with vibrant colours and fresh aroma. Call Mr Clean today, and we will clean your furniture quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices throughout Sofia!

Guaranteed Quality at Competitive Prices in Sofia!

Cleaning of upholstered furniture begins with a thorough inspection and determination of the degree of contamination and the type of fabric. Accordingly, we choose the most effective approach to cleaning your furniture. The upholstery is cleaned of dust and hair with a vacuum cleaner, and then stains are treated with professional-grade eco products. With the steam power of our machine, we eliminate any dirt and blemishes on your sofa, armchair or stool!

Before we leave, we make a final inspection in your presence to make sure that our upholstery cleaning job has met even your highest requirements.   

Why Choose Us for Cleaning the Furniture in Your Home?

Because you deserve the best service and quality cleaning of upholstered furniture in your home! We are confident that even after just one visit from our team, Mr Clean will become the preferred home cleaning company in Sofia for you and your family. Here you can read about a few of the benefits of choosing us and calling us today:

  • Your upholstered furniture will be washed by experienced and reliable cleaners, proven professionals in the field of home cleaning.
  • We use innovative German methods to clean upholstery and various types of fabrics – both natural and synthetic materials.
  • Your health is important to us. That is why we work with eco-friendly products that are entirely safe for you and your family.
  • You can call us and make same day booking, late evening booking, or weekend arrangement throughout Sofia for our cleaning services at no extra cost!
  • You will get the high-quality service you have paid for. No extra fees and or hidden expenses! First, we will give you a quote and then we clean.

Mr Clean can offer you much more about the excellent appearance of your home. Visit the pricing page for a complete list of our professional cleaning services in Sofia.

Frequintly Asked Questions

We clean your home upholstery with a professional spray detergent. It is made specifically to clean textile fabrics.

It takes between 3 to 4 hours for your couch to be completely dry. In case it is soiled heavily, it will take an additional hour or two. It is important to leave windows open so your upholstered furniture can get dry faster. Please, don not place any electrical appliances over your furniture in order to speed the drying process!

When cleaning upholstered furniture, as well as all other textiles, professional detergents are used, which are 95% biodegradable. They have a scent for the first 15-20 minutes, after which they have no odour. We from the cleaning company “Mr. Clean” have selected such a range of professional cleaning products, as they are harmless to the respiratory tract and skin, and are suitable for small children, pets and people with allergies. At your request we can add fragrance to the washing of upholstered furniture.

To determine whether a stain can be completely cleaned, several things are taken into account – the type of textile and the stain, whether the stain has been treated and with what and for how long it has been available. Based on all these factors, it is determined to what extent the stain would be cleaned and whether it would be removed completely.

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